How to remove the traces of self-adhesive label paper after use
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With the improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to product safety, product information and work efficiency. Because of the many advantages of self-adhesive label printing paper, it is sought after by everyone. Self adhesive label paper is widely used in jewelry, jewelry, shelves, warehouses, medical, metal, electronic products and other fields! So how to remove the traces left by the use of self-adhesive label paper? Yilin printing gives you advice.

How to remove the traces of self-adhesive label paper after use

1. Eraser

For some surfaces with traces of adhesive residue, if the area is not large, you can use the rubber to vigorously wipe it once.

2. Gasoline, edible oil

The oil is very smooth, which can effectively reduce the viscosity of the viscose, and has strong volatility, leaving no sequelae.

3. Detergent

Detergent can not only wash dishes, but also remove traces of transparent glue.

4. Hand cream, BB Cream

Hand cream can also achieve the effect of removing adhesive, because there is a lot of water in hand cream, and water contains a certain amount of surfactant.

5. Alcohol

To deal with the traces of adhesive on the surface of hard objects, such as stainless steel basin or glassware, we can tear off the label and apply alcohol on the surface of objects, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

6. Soapy water

The mixture of ammonia and turpentine with soap can remove a lot of dirt and have certain effect on adhesive

7. Hot towel

First, wash the towel with hot water, then wipe it repeatedly on the spot of the sticky glue, then wet the towel with soap foam, wipe it repeatedly until it is clean.

8. Special cleaning agent for self-adhesive

It is designed for self-adhesive, simple and practical, convenient and quick!

9. Hair dryer heating

This is a common method. After the hair dryer is heated, the label will automatically curl up, and the viscosity will be easily torn off!

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