Yilin printing and analysis of stickers applicable to the electronic and electrical industry
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With the vigorous development of the electronic and electrical industry, the electronic and electrical product styles appearing in the market are gradually enriched, ranging from electronic component parts to household appliances and industrial appliances. With the use of electronic products, there will be product labels. Electronic and electrical labels range from nameplate to identification, and from process label to data tracing. Electronic and electrical self-adhesive label is given a higher mission. The label range includes factory label, notice label, product description label, two-dimensional barcode label and other label stickers. The label of electronic and electrical appliances is embodied in labeling performance, printing process, temperature resistance and humidity resistance. If the label can not be well matched with the pasted object in the application, the label will be off label, up warped and so on. The classification and application scope of electronic labels are summarized as follows:

One Household appliances, including label contents: energy efficiency label, product label, use label, warning label, process label, electronic supervision code label, anti-counterfeiting label, circuit label, etc;

Two , accessories, including label contents: process label, product label, traceability label, anti-counterfeiting label, fragile label;

Three , power supply, including label contents: high temperature resistant label, warning label, process label, product label, fragile paper label and description label;

Four , lighting, including label contents: heat resistant product label, outer box sticker label, QR code label, use label, description label, process label, anti-counterfeiting label, traceability label, fragile label, etc;

Five Electronic products, including product label, traceability label, fragile label, anti-counterfeiting label, access label, removable label, spacer label, high temperature label, low temperature label, electronic supervision code label, etc;

Six , circuit board, including label contents: temperature resistance label, oil resistant label, product label, instruction label, anti-counterfeiting label, blank label, serial number label, traceability label, etc;

Seven Cable, including cable label, product label, certificate label, etc;

Eight Electronic accessories, including: property label, product label, instruction label, QR code label, etc;

Nine , battery, including label contents: attribute label, use label, notice label, temperature resistance label, electronic supervision code label, QR code label, etc.

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