Yilin printing on the printing method of washing label
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When we buy a new dress, we don't know whether we need to wash it by hand or by dry cleaning. What should we pay attention to? We need to look at the laundry label, which has detailed washing instructions.

Water washing mark is not only called water washing mark, but also known as: washing mark, washing mark, washing mark, cloth mark and other names. It is a label made of several special materials. It is only different from the ordinary paper label on the material. It can be washed without fading and can be washed. After washing with detergent (including dry cleaning), it still keeps a clear image.

Under normal circumstances, the washing mark of the clothes will be in the middle of the back collar, the middle of the back waist or the position of the side seam. You can see it when you take off the clothes. It is mainly to print some clothing parameters and precautions. If it is in the middle of the back collar, some people will feel that the skin is rubbed, and we can cut it off with scissors after we buy it, which will not affect the beauty of the clothes.

We contact more washing labels: coat washing label, underwear washing label, quilt washing label, plush toy washing label, towel washing label, etc. businesses can customize different kinds of washing labels according to different needs. Which printing method is better for printing washing labels? Yilin printing editor thinks it is rotary printing.

Rotary printing includes ordinary rotary printing and flexible printing. The cost of ordinary rotary printing is moderate and the speed is fast, which is suitable for mass production and can be completed in a short time. The flexible rotary printing is mainly characterized by good ink, brighter, brighter, better visual effect and higher price!

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