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Heat transfer silicon transfer mark

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Heat transfer silica gel hot label. / Ribbon printing silicon Likang thick plate printing. / Stereoscopic hot stamping

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • 1.Advantages of production experience:Yilin printing started two thousand and seven Year, owned Eleven Years of experience in trademark printing and customization, providing continuous supply for many domestic garment factories and toy factories, and solving trademark problems in one-stop manner.
  • 2.Customized business advantages:Yilin printing provides high-quality trademark customization requirements to meet customers' customized production, proofing and plate viewing, and the factory area of the company one thousand and eight hundred Square meters, annual output Five hundred Ten thousand.
  • 3.Advantages of enterprise cooperation : Yilin printing and many manufacturers, brands strong alliance, cooperation involving the clothing industry, toy industry, many enterprises common choice and trust.
  • 4.Three Advantages of enterprise cooperation:Yilin printing and many manufacturers, brands strong alliance, cooperation involves the clothing industry, toy industry and other industries, many enterprises common choice and trust.
  • 5.Four Intimate service advantages:Yilin printing settings Seven * Twelve Hourly service hotline, with Three Days free proofing, 5-7 Day delivery service, more thoughtful service, intimate always for you.

Product Details


1. The product price is not the actual transaction price, because the printed products are customized products.

2. It shall be calculated according to the customized quantity, material, specification and printing content.

3. Please contact customer service or Tel: 0769-85327997 before placing the order

Must read before order

1. The printing period is generally 4-6 days, which can be handled urgently in case of urgent need.

2. Final printing: we will send the computer manuscript to you for confirmation before official printing. Please check the contents of the final printing carefully!


Yilin printing and customization process:

1 customer consultation

2 Scheme Design

3 free proofing

4 confirm the sample

5 contract signing

6 order production

7QC inspection

8 packing and delivery

dong guan yilin printing co.,ltd

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Telephone: +86 13620037055

Landline: +86 0769-85327997

Company Address: Yan Wu Second Industrial Zone, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


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